EDC Las Vegas 2017 Lineup


When you are planning to attend the Electric Daisy Carnival you will want to understand the basic rules so that once you arrive, you can easily enjoy all of the day’s events.

Dates And Times

The festival will take place on Las Vegas Nevada the 16th, 17th, and 18th of June 2017. For those needing parking, the lots will open at 5 pm and it is recommended you arrive early. Show times will begin at 7 pm and continue until 5:30 am.

To Avoid Unpleasant Surprises You Should Know The Rules
When you buy your ticket to the event you are agreeing to allow security to pat you down and check bags and other areas for things not allowed into the event area.

You may be asked to remove your shoes, empty your pockets and allow for security to go through your bags. Anyone who refuses to do so will not be allowed to enter the event area.

As you would expect, if illegal drugs or weapons are found in your possession you will be ejected from the event and law enforcement may hold you.

To enter this event it is necessary that you be at least 18 years old and anyone wanting to drink alcohol will need to be 21 years old. It will be necessary for you to have appropriate ID. If for any reason you do not possess an accepted form of ID you will not be allowed to enter or buy alcohol even if you have a ticket.

You Must Have One Of These ID Types To Be Allowed In

ID’s will be checked to enter and when purchasing alcohol. Not all ID types will be accepted. To enter you must have on your person a drivers license or government issued ID. Foreign or US passports are also acceptable. A few other types are accepted, but only if accompanied by a passport or government issued ID.

Things like a birth certificate, school ID or if the ID is expired are generally not accepted.

Important Policies To Be Aware Of

Once you go in, if you leave the event area, your ticket will not be valid for reentry. There are no refunds and the event will be held regardless of good or bad weather.

You will be allowed to bring a cell phone, nonprofessional cameras under 6 inches and selfie sticks. Small bags and single compartment back sacks are ok, but large bags and back sacks will not be allowed in.

You will not be allowed to bring you own food or drinks. Food and drinks will be for sale by many vendors located conveniently throughout the events area.

Some Things You Might Find Surprising That Are Not Allowed
Liquid makeup, spiked jewelry, eye drops, open packs of cigarettes, markers and pens are all among the items that cannot be on your person when entering. Eye drops will be for sale inside the events area, and sealed cigarettes and tampons can be brought in, but only if still sealed.

Events To Enjoy

1. Cosmic Meadow – Loads of energy and intensely visual
2. Bass Pod – If boom boom is your thing, this is the event for you.
3. Quantum Valley – You will be transported by melodies that raise your consciousness and put you in a blissful trance.
4. Upside Down House – Get down or get up. It’s your pleasure at this house party.

There are several other events and each has their unique attractions. In addition to the events, there are rides and art exhibits. A Ferris Wheel and bumper cars are just a couple of the rides that range from thrilling to relaxing in a playground of fun entertainment.

This event includes many performers that form a motley crew of aerialist, dancers, stilt walkers and circus performers. To make the event more carefree for those who attend, many amenities are included. Free high-speed internet, a bean bag lounge to rest your feet, carnival games, and even stations to charge your batteries.


While many restrictions prohibit you from bringing in items such as food and alcohol, the amenities provided give you the opportunity to get any of those things at the event.

You can keep hydrated by using the refill water stations. Alcohol is sold by many vendors located throughout the events area. If you need a locker you can get unlimited access and it even has a recharger for cell phones.

Those who want to buy souvenirs and memorabilia will be able to do so at many booths throughout. Of course, all kinds of food will be sold to suit most any pallet.

This is one event not to miss. Just make sure you are aware of the rules so that the experience will be a good one. Preparing beforehand and arriving early if you need to park your car is highly recommended.