couples holding hands in park

Las Vegas conjures up images of singles, young adult friends, and bachelor & bachelorette parties with the nickname “Sin City,” but the truth is there are many attractions for couples even when they might want something a little bit more low key. The city of Las Vegas offers an incredible variety of experiences, and that means there are plenty of attractions for couples to enjoy together.

Balloon Tours

Las Vegas is surrounded by valleys and mountains so beautiful that many of them are parts of the state and national parks. The city itself is incredible, and a view from high up in the air can let you see all the fabulous giant hotels, casinos, and points of interest from one place. It’s a unique view of the city and the area that can make for good pictures and even better memories.

The Fremont Street Experience

There are free musical shows every night, classic entertainment, and an incredible dome of flashing lights and screens over the whole street, creating a unique and excellent environment that might even put The Strip to shame. Listen to some music, see the lights, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting closer to the one you love just to help anchor yourself a bit from sensory overload.

Bellagio Art Gallery

You might not think of art collections when you think about Las Vegas, but the Bellagio has an incredible display that will get the attention of avid art fans as well as just casual fans of beautiful, creative works. This is a great low-key way to spend part of the day as a couple.

See What Shows Are In Town

What type of shows do both of you enjoy as a couple? There are clean comedy shows, amazing musicians giving shows throughout the week, and if you want something a little more adult oriented there are burlesque shows and even adult themed shows that have a firm R rating. Whatever you’re looking for, you should be able to find a show that you will both enjoy.

Don’t Rule Out Day Trips
Many fascinating day trips can be easily enjoyed from the heart of Vegas, started and completed on the same day. If you are the outdoor types, check out Red Rock and local hiking trails. Visit Hoover Dam, or any of the wonderful parks within a two-hour drive.

When you’re visiting a place as remarkable and busy as Las Vegas, sometimes you need a day vacation from your vacation to be able to enjoy it all!

In Conclusion
There are many different attractions that couples should give a serious look at when visiting Sin City. While the loose alcohol laws and many risque shows might get the most widespread attention, there are still plenty of options for couples looking to spend some special time together. This doesn’t even cover the obvious ones everyone knows about like gondola rides at the Venetian or seeing the evening fountain shows in front of the Bellagio.

Take a look at some of the great options on this list and you will find attractions that both of you will love!