Las Vegas liquor stores are necessary to research a little when you are new to or are visiting the area. That, or if you just started drinking it’s a good idea to know where to go. Anyone that plans to go to stores in the area for alcohol can use the following guidelines to get the best deals.

A liquor store is important to read up on through reviews. Some are great, and some are trashy. Also, it’s a good idea to figure out if people complain about the pricing because you don’t want to go somewhere that is going to charge more than the market average in the area for no reason. Places near where tourists hang out are usually where you can expect to pay more since they figure tourists know no better.

See if you can find a website for the various stores in the city so you can find what they carry. It’s also possible to find certain beverages that you like by using a store locator on their business’s website to see what comes up in the results. All you have to do to use a store locator is enter the zip code of Las Vegas and then you should be presented with a map of where the alcohol you want is sold. Don’t trust the pricing for anything posted online, however, and always call before you head to a store in case that information is outdated.

Figure out how to make new drinks by going through tutorials on a site that have videos. You can learn to mix things like bartenders do so that you can have drinks at home and spend less money. A lot of bars in the area or places to drink like casinos will have great options, but they can cost you a ton of money. At the very least you can make some excellent drinks at home before you go out to drink in public, so you don’t have to buy as many drinks to get to where you need to be.

If you’re going to drink and are in Vegas on vacation, hire someone else to drive you around if you require going anywhere. Even if you live in the area and have a car, don’t take it even a few blocks away if you have been drinking. Not only can you hurt people if you are not careful, but you can also end up going to jail for driving under the influence. This is a charge that can make it hard for you to get work or even keep a license, so you’re risking hurting yourself and others when you drive drunk.

Many great Las Vegas liquor stores exist, and you can bet there are a lot in that area due to its reputation as a party city! Be safe and drink responsibly because you don’t want to end up in jail or getting hurt. Find the right store and then find a good place to enjoy what you buy for the best results.