In Las Vegas, you will find chapel located inside major casinos and hotels as well as free-standing chapels. Some of them specialize in outdoor weddings while theme weddings are the specialty of others. Some chapels even offer to drive through weddings where you can exchange vows without even having to leave your car. Other chapels will take you on board a helicopter to the Grand Canyon to exchange vows in style. Here is a review of the top 10 wedding chapels in Las Vegas.

1. A Little White Chapel

This wedding chapel is one of the most beautifully decorated in Las Vegas. There are four chapels: Crystal, L’Amour, Promises, and Little White. Also, there is a lovely outdoor gazebo. A Little White Chapel conducts all the pure Elvis, and traditional weddings found elsewhere but with two exciting additions. The first one is a Hummer Experience that seats up to 10 guests. Weddings on Wheels is the other whereby they come to a location of your choosing but within the city limits.

2. Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas is one chapel that takes the art of making weddings rather seriously. It is the most versatile chapel that offers an outstanding number of wedding packages. It is a modern-looking chapel full of glamor and glitz. Whatever type of wedding you can think about, they can make it happen. If you are looking to have a theme wedding, then this is the venue you need to choose. They have interesting special effects that can put Hollywood to shame.

3. Belleza

In Spanish, “Belleza” means beauty. This chapel does live up to its name since it is a small but romantic chapel. The service offered here is more intimate and personalize than many of the other Las Vegas wedding chapels. The chapel offers nine traditional wedding packages and three popular Elvis packages. Also, Belleza offers three Western/Country packages that you won’t find elsewhere except perhaps at Viva Las Vegas. In the Country packages, you get to choose between Johnny & June and Tim McGraw to perform during your wedding.

4. Mon Bel Ami

This chapel is probably one of the most intimate and romantic wedding chapels in Las Vegas. They specialize in receptions along with private outdoor, gazebo, and outdoor weddings. If you would like to have an unusual Vegas wedding Mon Bel Ami offers some attractive packages including White Dove Weddings and Butterfly Release.

5. Las Vegas Weddings

This wedding chapel is probably the coolest one of them all. It has continuously won multiple awards from the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and US Weekly. It is a lovely chapel both inside and out. Perhaps the most outstanding feature is the real live broadcast over the Internet whereby you can have friends and loved ones watching your wedding live. Its properties include the indoor garden known as The Wedding Garden, an outdoor garden known as Hawaiian Gardens, The Casino Wedding Chapel that resembles a casino, an outside Gazebo, and the small and intimate The Wedding Suite.

6. The Elvis Chapel

You should not let its location fool you because the chapel looks much better inside than in the exterior. It is probably the cheapest of the Las Vegas wedding chapels. As the name suggests, the chapel specializes is Elvis weddings but still offers traditional packages. You can even arrange a marriage in the Red Rock Canyon, in the Ghost Town, or at the Grand Canyon. If you are a budget-conscious couple, you can have a simple Desk Wedding for just $30. While they may not offer as wide a variety as the other chapels, they offer service with lots of laughter and charm.

7. Wee Kirk O’ the Heather

This wedding chapel was opened back in 1940 and is the best and oldest of wedding chapels in Las Vegas. It has been redecorated recently and still continues to marry happy couples while standing the test of time. The name stands for Little Chapel of the Lucky Flowers, and it is a charming, small but intimate chapel. Besides the traditional ceremonies, the chapel offers six fun Elvis packages and can organize a wedding in any of the most desirable locations around the city – the Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, or the Grand Canyon. If you desire a beautiful, intimate wedding, then choose Wee Kirk O’ the Heather.

8. Chapel Of The Flowers

This wedding chapel has received praise the world over and is termed as the best and loveliest wedding chapel in all of Las Vegas. It has three beautiful indoor chapels: La Capella, The Magnolia, and The Victorian. Their prices range from a few hundred dollars to a several thousand dollars. You can choose to wed in any of the three chapels, inside a limousine, in the Grand Canyon, in the Valley of Fire, in the gazebo, or in the garden. The unique thing about this chapel is its ability to adhere to classic weddings without too much pompousness. If you desire a perfect wedding, choose the Chapel Of The Flowers.

9. A Storybook/Graceland

Graceland or A Storybook is one of the most famous and oldest wedding chapels in all of Las Vegas. Graceland is a tranquil and beautiful chapel that holds the status of a Las Vegas landmark. It is probably the most romantic wedding chapel in Las Vegas. They specialize in 2 categories of weddings – Elvis and traditional ceremonies. The chapel’s owner is also the resident Elvis impersonator. Graceland is the location you should choose if you desire a romantic setting for your wedding.

10. A Special Memory

A Special Memory is one of the best traditional wedding chapels in all of Las Vegas. Besides the traditional weddings, they offer 3 Elvis themes. A Special Memory can organize a lovely wedding in the amazing Valley Of Fire, in the Red Rock Canyon, or even in the Grand Canyon. This wedding chapel is one of the few locations that does the drive-through weddings that are quite popular among those looking to wed without actually leaving their vehicle. If you desire a traditional marriage, choose A Special Memory.


The list of Las Vegas wedding chapels is far from conclusive, but it comprises the best 10. If you would like to have a Las Vegas chapel wedding, consider choosing any of the 10 locations discussed in this article.