There’s a lot to love about Surrender Nightclub, located at Encore at Wynn. This high scale nightclub blends a lot of the best in Vegas. This nightclub brings in many of the best local music artists as well as some of the most popular DJs in all of Sin City. The house DJs in Surrender are among the best, and the club has a reputation as one of the best weekday club experiences in all of Vegas.

Days Open: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday

Open Hours: 10:30 p.m. to close

Cover Charge: Depending on the night and any special events $25 to $45

The Setting
Surrender is a lavish location, one that is also unique because it offers a very comfortable indoor location as well as an outdoor pool location. There is a high level of lounge feeling here with an especially strong focus on VIP lounges, high class places to sit and socialize in groups, and to truly enjoy the full beauty of the setting.

The outside pool offers plenty more for social ambiance. The tranquil pool offers an incredible setting for outdoor conversations and brings a fantastic second option to socializing in this fine club. The dual options makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying the shifting moods of the night and getting the most out of your clubbing time.

Surrender Nightclub’s Dress Code
The dress code should be seen as a touch above business casual. While an untucked in dress shirt with nice blue jeans and fine shoes will often be enough, both men and women need to remember this is a higher level nightclub and the basic idea of “dress to impress” is one that you should take to heart if you don’t want any issues getting in.

If in doubt, touch it up a little more and a jacket for the gentleman is never a bad thing. Don’t even try getting in with baggy or torn jeans, sneakers, or “sports wear.”

In other words, wear that collared shirt, that sports coat, and don’t look like you just came from the gym or are on your way there. The bouncers will enforce the dress code and in a room full of beautifully dressed people, you don’t want to stand out as the single slob without a bit of fashion sense. Don’t be that guy.

Important Prices
If you want a table bottle service cost starts at $550 and goes up for premium or VIP locations. The actual cost of drinks starts at $8 for normal beers and shots and goes up from there based on the order, with mixed drinks starting at $15 and going up.

What’s Your Ideal Night?
The best table location varies based on what you want from the night. Main room and dance floor tables are great, but if you want a quieter night with a larger group you might want to eye a bungalow or cabana out by the pool.

Exceptional Wednesday Night Destination
While many major nightclubs can brag about how stunning their weekends are, Surrender has an amazing Wednesday kick-off that makes it one of the best parties for the entire week, but this is also their highest demand day so get there early.

Like the name suggests: Surrender and enjoy your amazing time in one of the finest nightclubs that Vegas has to offer!