Many people tend to think that Las Vegas is only for adults, but many families take Vegas vacations each year. You might want to know the best times to visit, and you’re certainly going to want to know the best places to enjoy with your kids. Here are some great recommendations for things to do in Las Vegas with your children while enjoying your vacation.

For starters, you are aware that there are even casinos that cater to families by making games available for adults while also providing fun activities for children, right? Now, let’s get to the good stuff. How does a hot air balloon ride sound? If anything mentioned doesn’t fit your fancy, relax, there are tons of things to do in Vegas with your kids. They will have a blast!

If you’re visiting during the right time of year, a good water park is a good fit. There are plenty to choose from, and your hotel should have a good pool, too. One of the best water parks in Vegas for the kids to enjoy is Wet n’ Wild. Many of these water parks have adult slides, too, so don’t think you’ll be sitting on the sidelines. You will be right in there having fun with your kids.

While you’re in the mood to enjoy the water parks, you might as well check out all the rides that are available as well. Some of them are individual attractions like the Voodoo Zip Line and the High Roller Observation Wheel. Then there is the Adventure Dome Theme Park, which by the way, is part of a hotel where you might want to stay with your kids. The Circus Hotel and the Circus Casino are a hit with families. There are all kinds of things to do for kids there.

You’ll notice that many of the other attractions you’ll want to visit are also part of hotels, such as the Dolphin Habitat, which is located at the Mirage Hotel. If you’re going to want to visit the Dolphin Habitat, then you might as well stop on by Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden. This is where you’ll get to see all the wildlife. There are tigers there!

Next up, how about making a stop at the Town Square Children’s Park & Playground. Town Square is a perfect place for your family to relax and enjoy a different scene. If you’re not thinking a playground sounds like a plan, and you’d rather stay right on the strip, take a look at the pictures and see just why you might want to take your kids to Town Square.

Okay, it might not be time to take the kids on a skydiving adventure, but that is something Vegas has to offer. Moreover, you have an alternative, one that will allow your kids to experience the thrill of skydiving. It’s Flyaway Indoor Skydiving, and you’ll have to see it believe it. What else do kids like?

Kids like chocolate and Vegas just might have the best stateside chocolate experience ever. It’s called Hershey’s Chocolate World, and you can visit this attraction without having to stay at the New York New York Hotel. You can tell now that there are plenty of things for kids to do in Vegas. In fact, you might find yourself guarding your wallet quite a few times if you pay a visit to every place. Take for instance my next suggestion, the Vegas Toy Shack. You might recognize the name of this place from the show Pawn Stars, which means you’ll find vintage toys there, too. In other words, it’s a place for adults to browse also.

By the way, Hershey’s Chocolate World isn’t the only chocolate based attraction that Vegas has to offer. There is also the Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour. This is also a free activity. You definitely might want to fill in stops like these on your vacation itinerary to save some money. That just means you’ll be able to do more while enjoying your Vegas family vacation.

How does visiting the Shark Reef Aquarium sound to you? While in Vegas, you’ll also want to catch a show or two, right? Of course, you have to take in a show that both you and your kids are going to want to enjoy unless you have a sitter. How about the circus? The World’s Largest Permanent Circus is a hot attraction for kids. The Fall of Atlantis Show is another popular selection.

While many attractions fit for kids have been mentioned, there are so much more. You won’t believe all the fun you can have in Las Vegas with your family. You’ll want to prepare a little ahead of time, which is why you’re looking up Vegas attractions. Now, get ready to enjoy that Vegas vacation experience!