3 Things to Do in Las Vegas During the Day


Las Vegas offers up so many opportunities for nighttime fun. There are more spectacular, dazzling music, comedy and magic shows on than you will ever see in two dozen visits. The dining choices in Vegas are world-renown and of course, the casinos still provide lots of gambling and excitement all through the night.

But, after you have returned to your hotel room, had a bit of a nap, and a bite to eat, what is there to do besides shop? The answer is that there are plenty of things to do besides shopping, although it is something of necessity at least a couple of times during your visit. Here are three other things that you can enjoy during the day in Vegas.

Go on Rides

The Stratosphere Tower is the place to go to jump on four different thrilling rides all over 1000 feet in the air. Try X-Scream, the Big Shot, Insanity or the bungee-inspired Sky Jump. It doesn’t matter if the sky is cloudy or clear, these rides are all an experience that bring you both a natural adrenaline rush as well as a psychological one. Insanity is so intense it is recommended that you get some experience on the other rides first, and whatever you do, do not ride it on a full stomach.

Museum Hop

A lot of people know that Las Vegas has a long and sultry past, but they are often surprised that much of that history is on view. Visit the Mob Museum to learn more about the original gangsters that started the city of sin. Take a guided tour with a friend or buy tickets for your entire group. Save money by purchasing tickets online, and you just might learn about a scavenger hunt being held that very day that you will not want to miss.

Another great daytime attraction is the Neon Museum. In fact, you can only visit during daytime hours. Check out the authentic, Las Vegas neon signs that made themselves famous to visitors from the 1930s right through to the 1990s. You are sure to spot a sign that you have seen in one of your favorite movies in the museum’s Boneyard. You can also tour the adjacent indoor facility with a guide.

See Wildlife

The Las Vegas Springs Preserve is the perfect place to have an entire afternoon of wonder. You might even learn something during your visit. You can tour the outdoor gardens or enjoy several different indoor shows like Desert Survivor. Find out how desert animals survive the heat and watch them in action right from your seat.

You can also visit the Nevada State Museum and stand next to the state fossil of a real dinosaur called Ichthyosaur Shonisaurus popular. Cool off from the excitement of all that you have witnessed by entering a stalactite cave.

You already know the regular, nighttime Vegas activities. But, now you know three of the daytime activities that you will want to put on your travel agenda.